About Myself


About Me

Hello! my name is Raquel.

I’m a student living on Vancouver Island, and I am obsessed with making artwork.

All with the help of Muffin, a young cat, of course.

Sunday Afternoon

My Hobbies…

I’m glad you took an interest!

Painting and making other forms of art alongside hiking are my main hobbies.

When hiking, I often bring my camera to take references photos, optimizing my hobby time.

Hiking Among Ferns

My Goals

sharing my art has always been something that freaks me out.

Recently though I’ve gotten the opportunity to attend a few events, which lead me to connect with people whose encouragement pushed me to not only create more art but share it as well.

My goal is to not only share fun, pretty, moving, or simple art with other people; but also inspire them to make it themselves.

I think the world needs more art

Love Fest