My Omeka Installation

The Process.

The Omeka installation process took longer than anticipated. First, I failed to install it onto the new Subdomain I had made.

Check out my Omeka display!

First I installed Omeka and made a site, but not on my previously made subdomain.

So I reinstalled Omeka onto the subdomain I had made and began making the website and uploading items.

Before I came to the realization I had done it wrong. I had installed Omeka S, instead of the classic version.


Finally, I had made the right sight. But now I was faced with the problem of the still image thumbnails, the images were showing up as links.

My dear mushroom pictures weren’t showing up on this new website.

I needed to change the imagemagick directory path

The Settings tab under my Omeka site.

Most online resources had different image path lines, but after a little bit of rewriting the image path line, I figured out this version works.

/usr/bin command worked, and I was able to properly display the still images in my post.

The photos uploaded are used as a gallery display for my art, specifically mushroom art. It is the begging of learning about, and painting different kinds of Fungi.

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  1. Ay, das pretty~

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