Omeka Post #2

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Omeka Post 2

Items Chosen For Posting

The Frog, as a Jpeg Image. It includes its metadata of title, subject, frog, and description should anyone look for a frog seller.

Sounds: Jazzy Abstract beats and Interupted Audio. Jazzy Abstract is a copy right free music that I would best used to describe the frog artwork. The original artist’s metadata was used.

Painting Progress A video I made of a portrait I made. It best fits in with the art theme, and displays a short progress of watercolor painting.

Painting Collage Short A seriese of different paintings being formulated. Metadata was used to find people interested in painting progress videos of artwork I have made this summer

Deciding the metadata titles were more challenging than I inticipated, and I wish I had more time dedicated for picking out certain titles or keywords to increase the search results and interest of particular topics of my Omeka post.  

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