The Project Proposal

Week 7.5

Exploring Artist’s lives and Techniques

Due to the size of this project, I’m choosing the art form of painting, graphic design, and artists who were known for these artworks. However with the development of this project, accompanying different artists from different mediums would be pretty cool.

I want to research and further examine the lives and techniques of numerous artists in the past using the methods and ideas I studied in the Digital Humanities course. Moreover, how their styles changed over the course of the time period they had lived.

Throughout the development of technologies during history, artists would’ve either been introduced to new styles, techniques, and methods for creating art.

I’m interested in learning how developments in previous┬átechnologies have impacted both the reception of an artist’s works by the public as well as the artist’s lifetime of work. I want to look at some instances of technology that have been developed over time that may have influenced their artistic development. For example, how painting changed and Impressionism developed after the creation of photography in the early 1800s. Currently, I find the latest and most digitally advanced type of art currently being developed is AI art, therefore I use any connections, technical advances, or fresh ideas I uncover and apply them to the project.

Digital Humanities methods

Omeka– To host collections of photos used for Twine. Metadata will be used to inform it’s viewers on all the collected information of photographs and paintings used.

Timeline – Providing viewers with a interactive and visual timeline representing the artists. This includes dates of their made artworks, and major life events. It will give insight into how artist’s may have influenced one another, whether it be in their life time, or from a earlier date.

Twine– To create an interactive visual for each artist.

Geographical Maps– To understand how the local cultures, or travel in an artist’s life may affect their artwork and style. Providing maps tracking where an artist went, the time it occurred, and if it could’ve affected their art style. For example, Alfons Mucha’s (Aphonse Mucha) commercial artwork was effected when he travelled to different theaters before his commercial success in Paris during Art Nouveau.

The artists I intend to study currently are;

Alfons Mucha

Claude Monet

Michelangelo Simoni

Leonardo da Vinci

Artemisia Gentileschi

However, this project has the ability to easily host more artists. I chose these artists because their lives are more easily accessible online, and they have inspired me the most.

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