Voyant Tool Reflections

Week 5.

The Voyant Corpus

I analyzed the data from two Voyant Corpus documents to better understand the various word repetitions in each.

This is done with the goal of comprehending how the Voyant classifies papers that share a common structure as well as documents that have various subjects or content from one article to the next.

For instance, First-Person Narratives of the American South, which are more prone to differences within documents, may yield different findings from the U.S. President’s Inaugural Speeches, which typically cover fewer topics and have a better chance of being more structurally similar to their counterparts.

It’s crucial to remember that these facts and hypotheses are based on just 2 papers. It’s all just speculation, but I find it fascinating since it helps me better grasp how the Voyant words function as software.

The First-Person Narratives of the American South

The First-Person Narratives of the American South had

150 Documents

8,168,336 total words 

73,000 distinct word forms

Without directly reading the documents, which would take a long time given their length and written form, one could distantly read the articles and documents to comprehend the contents by analyzing the most frequent and distinctive words.

The frequent keywords within narratives could be distantly read and understood as a report, journal entry, or narrative, as the documents are.

By analyzing a graph that tracks their use for each document, they give the reader a visual example of the nature of the said document.

By analyzing the distinct words, the notion is that these journal or narrative entries are more easily understood. They consist of names within the documents. It would be much simpler to read distinctively in this circumstance because it makes it simple for someone hunting for a certain person to locate them and their story. You would be able to determine the nature of the document based on its common phrases, context, and word count without even reading it.

Additionally, The Voyant links frequently used terms to one another, making it easier to see how those keywords relate to other documents and their contents.

The U.S. President’s Inaugural Speeches

The U.S. President’s Inaugural Speeches had

57 documents

134,770 total words

9,305 unique word forms.

By themselves, the document’s Frequent and Distinctive terms imply that it is legal and possibly political in nature.

The keywords are more concentrated on a small number of related themes than the Cicus in the other Document.
By examining the Trends graph provided, the suggestion that this may be related to the U.S government is more heavily implied, as the term ‘Great’ I find is more associated with the U.S than any other country. At least with my contextual information, this makes the document easier to understand as a presidential U.S political speech.

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