Week 4 Reflection

Initially, I used Adobe scan to upload an article about bread.

I, unfortunately, chose an article on a page that had been bent ever so slightly, and I hadn’t realized how curvaceous it was until I uploaded it to Omeka.

Figuring out how to correctly credit the authors of the article took some time as well, as figuring out whose name went where took a bit of research

I discovered a typo after I published it, which was thankfully simple to correct. It was amusing to me.

After reading some of my classmates’ posts, I realized I had done it incorrectly.

I hadn’t uploaded the required text format, and instead a Jpg format. Or so I think. I am unsure.

I decided that it was better to be safe than sorry and restarted, eventually settling on an election information page from the local paper. It was easier to format

I created the new Omeka post using an OCR text scanner rather than an Adobe scan.

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